If you’re looking to set your internal systems to fat-burning-furnace mode and absolutely melt body fat as quickly as possible, the following 10 uber-intense, compound exercises are your secret sauce for robust weight loss and sculpting an improved, lean physique.

For maximal impact integrate each fat-burning exercise into your existing workout schedule, or create a circuit out of all 10 to form one fat-torching full-body workout.

1. Exercise To Burn Fat 1 — Barbell Squat
Barbell squats, barbell squat
Target Muscle Group(s): Legs

With your feet firmly planted on the floor shoulder-width apart, rest a racked barbell comfortably on the upper portion of the back — not the neck. Grasp the bar approx. one foot outside the shoulders and step outwards from the barbell rack. Draw your shoulders back and tighten the core, and slowly squat downwards until your quads are parallel with the ground. Powerfully accelerate upwards to a full standing position, pause for one second, and repeat.
Maintain strong posture throughout each squat and do NOT arch your back, as this can cause back injury.

2. Exercise To Burn Fat 2 — Dumbbell Swing
dumbbell swing, dumbbell swing exercise
Target Muscle Group(s): Shoulders

Stand slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and place a dumbbell on the floor in front of your stance. Squat down, tighten your core, and grab the dumbbell with your palm facing your body. With your back straight, powerfully accelerate your legs upward and swing the dumbbell towards the ceiling, until it’s at eye level.
Maintain strong posture and lower the weight back down to the floor in one fluid motion. Complete 12 reps and repeat for the opposite arm.

3. Exercise To Burn Fat 3 — The Lower Abs Trifecta
lower abs trifecta, lower abs exercises, reverse crunches
Target Muscle Group(s): Abs

The Lower Abs Trifecta is a superset of three different lower abs exercises: Ab Pulse Ups, Reverse Crunches, and Ab V Holds. Our full how-to directions are available here.

4. Exercise To Burn Fat 4 — Dumbbell Renegade Row
renegade rows
Target Muscle Group(s): Back, Abs, Arms

Our full how-to directions for the Renegade Row are available here. http://www.leanitup.com/uberexercise-renegade-dumbbell-row/

5. Exercise To Burn Fat 5 — Deadlift
Target Muscle Group(s): Back, Legs

Our full how-to directions for the Deadlift are available here. http://www.leanitup.com/deadlifts-the-kind-of-exercises/

6. Exercise To Burn Fat 6 — BOSU Ball Shoulder Press
bosu ball shoulder press
Target Muscle Group(s): Shoulders

Our full how-to directions for the BOSU Ball Shoulder Press are available here.http://www.leanitup.com/uberexercise-bosu-ball-shoulder-press/

7. Exercise To Burn Fat 7 — Bulgarian Split Squat
Target Muscle Group(s): Legs

Stand perpendicular to a flat bench with the laces of one foot on top, with the opposite foot split out on the ground in front. With a light dumbbell in each hand, slowly squat downward until your front quad is parallel with the floor. Maintain strong posture throughout the movement and keep your front toe in line with your front knee. Your foot shouldn’t extend further out or fall short of your knee cap.

8. Exercise To Burn Fat 8 — Goblet Squat And Press
Target Muscle Group(s): Legs, Shoulders

Grab the top of a dumbbell and hold it at shoulder height. Slowly descend into a deep squat with your quads slightly below parallel, explode upwards, and press the dumbbell overhead. Hold for one second at the top and repeat.
Maintain strong posture throughout and do NOT arch your back.

9. Exercise To Burn Fat 9 — Dip Set
Dipset, dips and pushups
Target Muscle Group(s): Chest, Triceps

Perform a set of 12 dips immediately followed by a set of 12 push-ups, or whichever number of reps allows you to successfully complete the superset. If you’re unable to do a full body weight dip, perform bench dips instead.

10. Exercise To Burn Fat 10 — Dumbbell Curl And Press
dumbbell curl and press, bicep curl and press
Target Muscle Group(s): Biceps, Shoulders

Hold two dumbbells at your side and perform a traditional curl. Once the dumbbells reach chest height continue to press upwards overhead while rotating your palms away from your body. Hold overhead for one second, slowly return to the bottom, and repeat.

Source: http://www.leanitup.com/the-10-best-exercises-to-burn-fat-and-lose-weight-fast/
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