Our Story

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.
Lao Tzu – Philosopher

Co-Founder and CEO Sophia Michel, couldn’t have imagined that the ill health that made its sudden appearance on an otherwise ordinary September day in 2012 – the physical pain and mental anguish that ensued, the unwanted dependence on family for her daily requirements, the loss of her job and career as a college lecturer and her independence as a woman, mother and wife could have ever been an elaborate disguise to a new beginning, but oh, it was!

Having sustained medical injuries from the very medications prescribed to help the debilitating illness; and given no viable options by her medical team aside from more attempts at masking the pain with ever increasing prescription drugs, bringing with them a plethora of life threatening side effects, Sophia gave her own meaning to the term ‘Physician Heal Yourself’ and her role as independent health researcher began.

From the depths of this life-altering experience, Sophia galvanized the enthusiastic creative, marketing and technical support of family and Paradigm Pure Health was birthed!

We are a family run business and our aim is to share the wisdom, learning and strategies gained through our research, as well as the empowerment of a shifted paradigm – away from the prevailing and conventional paradigm of sickness – to a renewed confidence in the natural brilliance of body, mind and nature to allow and experience abundant health. How?  

We work with clients through consultation, education and coaching. We utilise cutting-edge bio-communication health scanning technology to help take the guesswork out of making health decisions, we source and manufacture pure organic health products and we provide access to your very own education portal on alternative health, wholesome eating and exercise/movement.

It’s never too early or late to work toward being the healthiest YOU!

The Team

Wayne Swaby (Rasta-Fly) &                             Sophia Michel QTLS (The Wise One)

Wayne Swaby (Rasta-Fly) & Sophia Michel QTLS (The Wise One)


Anthony Odle BSc QTS (The Polymath) &                               LaToya Odle BA Hons (MamaCita)

Anthony Odle BSc QTS (The Polymath) & LaToya Odle BA Hons (MamaCita)


Selina Charmaine BA Hons (The Visionary)

Selina Charmaine BA Hons (The Visionary)

Creative + Marketing

Our team are obsessed with promoting optimal health and wellness, and proud of it too! We just love hearing that we’ve contributed to our customers and clients gaining confidence in optimising their own health, whether that be through clients utilising our health scanning services, enrolling on our personalised health programs and/or providing your body with our nutritional organic products to enhance your wellness.



Collectively we are passionate about health in both body and mind. Taking care of your total well-being is our focus. As a team we have over 36 years of experience as educators, and have proved that even a small shift in what you know can powerfully change your trajectory towards the outcomes you want – and our health coaches, health consultants and nutritionists produce educational resources to help you learn the top strategies for health and vitality.

So you have all the ingredients here for creating the healthier, stronger and best version of you that you desire and deserve.