For anyone that has ever done a 3, 5 or 7-day water fast as a detoxification process, you’ll know there may well be a spell where you can feel pretty rotten, and there is a correct term for these symptoms ‘a healing reaction’.
The reason for this is that toxins will start being released from the cells of various organs and tissues of your body into the blood circulation so that they can be expelled through the elimination organs quickly.

Now granted I’m a bit of a geek where it comes to things to these things, but on Day 3 of my water fast, I was watching this video of Dr Hope reviewing this anime cartoon showing a bit about the intricacies of our immune systems – and I was busy cheering on the cells of my immune system busy working away on my behalf!

It was super encouraging to remind myself that we have hidden, intelligent and silent forces working perpetually on behalf of our wellbeing!