Anyone that lives with chronic illness or chronic pain knows that we will try pretty much anything to relieve the symptoms, and most of us have taken more prescription medications than we’d care to admit; despite being painfully aware of the host of – not only worrying, but often dangerous and debilitating – side effects!

I’ve taken pharmaceutical prescription medications that did everything from making my speech unintelligible, cause bleeding that required two surgeries to stem, oh and the injection into the base of my skull that left me in even more pain and unable to manage the weight of my head without support for over 9 months BUT did nothing to bring even a hint of relief! So when I learned about grounding, I was eager to try it out because:

1. There are no nasty side effects
2. The scientific research confirmed it’s effectiveness and
3. It’s free!

Now it does get a little challenging when it’s freezing outside (and anyone that knows me knows I really don’t like being cold) but once you watch this video ‘Down to Earth’ you’ll see why even in deep winter I’m happy to let mother earth be one of my ‘medications’.

“In simple terms, grounding is literally putting your bare feet on the ground! When you do that you’re in contact with the earth, and mother earth is endowed with electrons, and these electrons are literally absorbed through your feet. It’s like taking handfuls of antioxidants but you’re getting it through the feet!” Dr Stephen Sinatra M.D. Cardiologist/Integrated Medicine Specialist

I prefer to walk on grass but my wooden decking works too, and even standing on a concrete surface can purvey the healthful effects if it’s wet!

“Grounding means connecting to the earth to support the specific functions of the organs of your body. It supports the body as a whole but it specifically supports organ systems down to the tissues and the cellular functions of the entire body!” Laura Koniva M.D. Physician/ General Practitioner



Sophia Michel is an Independent Health Researcher, Health & Happiness Coach, Writer, College Lecturer, Electro-Mechanical Technician and Wife and Mother to three daughters. Find her on Facebook at and LinkedIn at