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Happy Customers

“The Health MOT scan was very informative and quite surprising in some areas, most of the areas I can resonate with – things that I’ve been thinking about, things that doctor has spoken to me about already, so confirmations. 

I felt it was refreshing to see that there are things that I could actually fix, that was really comforting to say the least, especially the advice on the vitamins what to take and that there are natural products that I can take to rebalance some things.

So I’m looking forward to my follow up scan once I actually implement the changes I can actually see the difference by changing things nutrition wise.”

The EVOX experience was WOW. First of all being able to resonate with the affirmation, something that you know really want to say to yourself but you can’t put the words together, so having a program that puts the words together for you, PERFECT!!! And then being able to break down that affirmation and say it, over and over again – and then see the reframing and shifting of my mindset …


Harshini Shah

What I appreciate about having done the first scan with you is your support!

This matters big time to me as millions of questions arise after having done the assessment and you have been absolutely fantastic at getting back to me.

You have been patient and understanding – advising me of what I can do and addressing my concerns – the after care has been so amazing that I feel this is the most important part of the process.

I’m excited about what this journey will bring and looking forward to getting healthier. Thank you SO much!

Asselle Setmagzimova 

So grateful to have received a full health scan from Sophia Michel! I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy and level of detail of what was revealed. Had no idea this kind of technology even existed until now.

It was a little overwhelming at first seeing all the red flags and the things that are affecting my body, but I was immediately put at ease by the wonderful Sophia who explained everything and gave me a clear and straightforward course of action.

This lady is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I absolutely recommend her work to everyone!

Thank you so much! Will be coming back for sure 

Eka Soa

Instead of going to the GP and getting pricked and prodded for blood, all I needed to do was place my hand on the EVOX machine and I got clear accurate result.

On top on that Health Coach Sophia Michel is right their to explain and advise on results and next steps to a better, healthier me.

The road to a healthier me has begun. Thanks Sophia 

Selina Charmaine

Just wanted to share my excitement with you all working with health coach Sophia Michel…

So I had a couple of trousers that I could no longer fit in, and were just sat in the wardrobe for about a year and a half…swapping out my summer wardrobe, I put them on and they fit!

I could really feel the “waist” I was gaining over the course of the program but didn’t realise how much I’d lost on my thighs!

I’ve been making small (consistent) changes over the past 10 months and it is really paying off, I’ve been told I look great and I feel great!

It literally #allstartswithonestep of change!

Thanks to Sophia and the team at Paradigm Pure Health.

 Rere Jones

You helped me see another glimpse of the real me again!

Pure Products

Happy Customers

Carolyn Gentle-Genitty

Amazon Customer

“Moringa Capsules – Love it. It does what it says it would and more. Been using for nine months.”

Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

“Moringa Capsules – Great product! Second bottle.”

Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

“I noticed an improvement in my mood & health. I intend to continue using Moringa capsules. Product arrived in good condition, on time as promised. Recommend trying them!!”

Tiffany Parrott

Amazon Customer

“Moringa capsules – This bottle is way small. So small I was kind of taken back by its size. It is at least half the size of other brands of the same product. I am not saying that has a bad thing however. My husband has put these in his work bag and takes them with him to work as his, I forgot to take them this morning pills. Since they are so small it is easier for him to tote them around. My husband takes these everyday pretty religiously. He says they have began helping him focus more throughout the day”.


Amazon Customer

“Just started these Moringa capsules yesterday. Wow, really like them. Energizing for the long days I work. Going to read up more benefits as well. REALLY glad I
tried them.”

Mari Spokane

Amazon Customer

“Great product, In 10 days I have lost an inch off of my waist in conjunction with my daily exercise routine. ( Shaun T hip hop abs) I do this program every day anyone but it seems when I added the CLA I lost the hidden belly fat I didn’t know I had!! 10 days I lost 2lbs and an inch off my waist….IT WORKS!”

Nick Pope

Amazon Customer

“I have been taking your CLA for a couple of months and this product has really made a difference in my belly fat. I had tried countless others on Amazon that did little or nothing but I knew that if I just found the right one it would work for me and this one really has! I wake up every morning smaller around my waist and I am almost in a size that I have not seen since I was 50 years old. That size is a 6!!! Who knows I might even get to a size 4 when I was in high school. You do not skimp on ingredients and quality. Thanks for a great product.”


Amazon Customer

” Moringa capsules – I noticed a nice clear- headedness that only at least 8 hours of sleep has afforded me before (which is a rarity for me). I noticed calm, steady energy that didn’t come with the normal jitteriness of caffeine. I noticed no late afternoon mood and/or energy crash or difficulty sleeping later on… as a busy mother, full time nurse, and wife, I need all the edge I can get. LIsten up ladies and gentlemen, this product is worth a try.”

Stacey S.

Amazon Customer

“Started using these about 10 days ago, I have certainly noticed many improvements! I have psoriatic arthritis and suffer from many symptoms including pain, fatigue and sleepless nights. Since starting the Moringa Capsule, I have had a huge burst of energy! I was barely able to make it home after work without passing out. I have two children, one is is very active in sports and a 3 year old and they need my time and attention. I have been playing and running and in general have been much happier! I also have noticed a slight decrease in my pain levels. I have it in my hands, feet, back and neck and the stiffness and pain everyday is so hard to deal with. Having a little bit of relief is great and I only expect that I will have more relief with continued use! Finally, I am sleeping so much better at night… My husband, kids and family have seen the improvment as well and that speaks for itself!”

L Locket

Amazon Customer

“Moringa capsules – Started this because I lack energy so much so I have been so depressed… I haven’t been taking it long but I feel it already… I am feeling great my energy is improved and my husband can even see it so for anyone that thinks they cant take it anymore and are willing to give something a try, try this please I been where you are and I felt how you felt and this changed it all for me I am not saying it will work for everyone but I am saying it did for me and it was worth the chance I took so give it a try and see what it does for you I am so happy I did and to the people that makes this omg you rock thank you for giving me my energy back and I will be back for more!!”


Amazon Customer

“I can go on and on about my love for Moringa… oh my goodness I could not be happier. Since starting I am able to pump 5-7 oz extra a day on top of exclusively breastfeeding my little one all day! Which for me is a HUGE DEAL as I have always struggled with low supply. As a new mom who is majorly sleep deprived, I have found that this product boosts my energy, without any funky ingredients, or causing me to crash like other products do. This isn’t called the miracle tree for nothing… It also has curbed my sweet tooth and has almost completely demolished my joint pain!”

Marisa Comeaux

Amazon Customer

“I have fibromyalgia which causes me to feel very tired and fatigued, stressed, have achy muscles, and pain in my joints as well. Sometimes I just feel I can hardly do anything. I have been taking this for about 10 days and I have noticed a difference in my energy and that my aches and pains are feeling better… Moringa fights inflammation, (fibromyalgia cause inflammation, I am sure this is why I feel better taking this).”