Our suite of Bio-Scans which includes EVOX Perception Reframing are tools we use to facilitate transitions in the area of Physical, Emotional and Relationship Health.


Each scanner processes information uniquely based on comparison parameters in their computer software. The results are displayed on a computer screen and indicate areas that are in balance, out of balance or under stress.


Each report produced includes specific recommendations for restoring the bodies balance and optimising your health. To complement your health scan report an individualised Recommendation Plan is formulated to TRANSITION you back to your Optimum range of health.


The scan utilises non-invasive processes of scanning major organs and bodily functions through a series of electromagnetic waves.


By simply holding the scan reader in the palm of your hands or resting your hand on a cradle for a few minutes the computer system is able to capture and translate the electromagnetic messages to and from your brain. Based on your personalised report we will provide recommendations regarding:


  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Detoxification Products and Strategies
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Changes
  • Wellness Coaching Programs
  • As well as Emotional Voicework and/or Relationship Coaching




‘Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.’
Kevin Trudeau


I am short-sighted but refuse to wear glasses for distance unless I am a) driving or b) don’t know where I am going and need to be able to read signs from afar. After doing my first liver flush, I immediately noticed that I could read things from a distance that I could not normally read, eg the titles of books on my shelves whilst laying in bed; the words on my computer monitor (when projected onto my TV) whilst sitting on the sofa, the stations of a tube line whilst sitting down on a tube. If my eyesight has improved any more, I am not aware. However, the improvement after the first liver flush was remarkable.

Many thanks

The reasons for beginning the programme was, I believe in living to the optimum of health and I felt that this programme was me. I had a few minor problems which I just wanted to release i.e. Irritable Bowel problem, menstrual lasting ten days and my skin was not how I felt it could be. After suffering from Acne when a teenager I never really managed to get skin that was clear. Since beginning the programme many positive and wonderful things have come about, my body is not working with its usual toxins I feel free. I am able to cope with things far better than before, in the sense of my memory, my peaceful persona and the feeling of bliss. In fact I can do things as if my bowel problem has gone, my menstrual is now changed to 2 to 3 days and I enjoy learning about different foods everyday. The support that was given and is still being given bringing my health and my life to another level.


This was my best year because I took control of my health and it is the most empowering thing you can do, yes it was very challenging, but I would do it all over again because the benefits of this programme have been amazing. What this has done for me: I lost 1 stone in 2 months and have managed to maintain my weight, I went from 11 stones to 10! My hormones have balanced, periods are regulated, painful periods have almost gone, no more bloating, PMT/PMS, swollen breast, I went from taking an average 16 painkillers each month for period pain and now only take about 4 if necessary, so you can see it’s a big difference. My skin tone/appearance has changed I look younger, Cellulite has disappeared, yes ladies cellulite the thing we all fight with and all the creams we buy is a thing of the past for me. Motivation, drive, determination and positive thinking have all increased.


A few months ago I was eating nearly anything and everything, as long as it tasted good – it did not really seem to affect me physically. On the outside, I was not overweight and I did not display or feel any disease. However, I took up your programme as I was motivated to achieve the best state of health for myself. Your programme made a difference to me on the inside. I began to feel more alive and at ease. I was able to manifest situations and things in magical ways. I really had no idea of the great impact one’s diet can have on the body, mind and soul. There were times when my determination to eat naturally was very low. Each time you helped me; both practically and with your spiritual energy. You have opened up a great pathway for me. I will never go back on a health challenge, because for the sake of 3 months compared to the lifelong health benefits and rewards that you will get from doing this programme it is second to none.

L. S. Brown