People just love to isolate themselves from their environment during or after a tough day at work with lights, music and a relaxing posture to take pressure off the heart and troubled mind. Advocates, such as Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein, have preached the benefits of a power-nap and even we second their thought. Have a look at some of the most interesting sleeping pods that simply offers a relaxing place for a power nap to shed the hectic day at work.

el Zulo ergonomic pod

Calling this hide out by Frank Ehners as el ZULO, it is ergonomically shaped to allow the body to literally slump on it. All the drowsy user has to do it sit on the counter and lean forward to fall on an upright support. This is supposed to give a feeling of getting up any time (as soon as your boss buzzes) and get in motion immediately. Guess the designer realized that once flat on bed, it becomes impossible to come back to feet without more ado. Read more

Metronaps Energypod

Metronaps EnergyPods have been especially designed for powernapping at work. The cocoon-like modest sleep pod is a room inside a room. When you are very exhausted from your hectic schedule and need to take a nap, all you need to do is to get into the EnergyPod. The pod reclines and closes a privacy shield around you. Read more


Nature-inspired and incorporating cutting edge technology is how Lomme line of luxury beds could be described. Lomme stands for Light Over Matter Mind Evolution and the product is an outcome of two-years’ research into various facets of sleep. Designed by Günther Thöny of Thony Projekt, the bed itself is designed like an eggshell and the pod-like structure seems a perfect place to rejuvenate after a tiring day out. Form and function of Lomme employ best that art and technology has on offer. Read more

Napshell Sleeping Cocoon

The Napshell is designed as a pod for power napping with a comfy mattress that is comfortable for a wide range of persons, regardless of body type or height. The visual and acoustic effects (MP3 sound-system with speakers / headphones) within the capsule make it easy to reach a state of relaxation. The lavish add-ons include Dolby-Surround system, LED lighting system, View and Sound-Proof Doors, ventilated mattress, air conditioning with additional oxygen, massage system, and flatscreen. Read more

Ovei Pod

Created by Lee McCormack and engineered by Mclaren Applied Technologies of F1 fame, the Ovei Pod can be fully customizable according to client specification which means if you have enough cash in your trust fund, then you can go crazy and have the pod furnished with a top quality display, a message chair, custom upholstery, PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles with controllers, a media server a mini fridge, a smaller seat for your dog and what have you! Read more

Bubble of Silence

The “Bubble of Silence” has been designed to create the perfect environment to avoid the noisy and stressful world. The exteriors of the Bubble have been influenced by natural ornaments such as shells, pebbles, cocoons and bubbles while the interiors make sure you are completely at ease. Read more

Transport Sleeping Pod

Designer Alberto Frias has conceptualized this egg-shaped fiberglass vessel called “Transport” from the shape of the human eye…makes sense as it is meant to transcend you to a baby-like sleep. The luxury-sleeping pod is outfitted with speakers and an array of light-emitting diodes synchronized to music, a waterbed pad and a cushion to provide you a cozy spa-like atmosphere to relax. Read more


Airport pods are the latest to join the bandawagon with Nemorelaxer pods made exclusively for the jet-setting globe trotter. The Nemorelaxer is a relaxation module that features recliner chairs, sound-isolating materials and a cocoon for privacy and also a touch-screen monitor for watching movies in case you can’t sleep and a fold-away worktable with internet connection to catch up on your mails. Read more

Armchair Paradise

If your idea of relaxation is getting locked inside a giant egg-like thing with your legs sticking out, then the Armchair Paradise is just the thing for you. With a sophisticated sound system that lets the music gently relax your whole body by emitting low-frequency vibrations that induce your brain to stroll through different stages of relaxation, namely attention, sleep, dream and relaxation, the resonance results in a high level of relaxation in short time. Read more

Nappak Sleep Bed

Introduced by Nappak, here is the ultimate solution for a cozy life. These bags are appropriate for all those people who want to have a cozy bed that takes no time in arranging or wrapping. This sleep bag occupies a minimal space, without having any hassle of shifting the furniture.

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