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Vitamin A

Benefit: Maintains healthy energy levels by supporting brain and nerve function. *

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B1 – Thiamine Benefit: Converts sugar into energy for the body. *

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin Benefit: Promotes formation of red blood cells, boost mineral absorption, supports thyroid regulation, digestion and immune system. *

Vitamin B3 Niacin Benefit: Maintains good blood circulation, brain function, healthy skin and boosts memory and focus. *

Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid Benefit: Helps to produce the energy for brain neurotransmitters and are critical for nervous system health. *

Vitamin B6 Benefit: Essential for correct brain development and melatonin production and supports cardiovascular, digestive, immune, muscular, and nervous system function. *

Vitamin B7 Biotin Benefit: Helps convert food energy for the body, and is an important nutrient to maintain healthy hair, nails and skin and youthful appearance. *

Vitamin B9 Folate Benefit: Helps make new blood cells and is associated with mood benefits. *

Vitamin B12 Benefit: Maintains healthy energy levels by supporting brain and nerve function. *

Vitamin C
Benefit: a powerful antioxidant which helps to absorb iron, repair and regenerate tissues, form and maintain connective tissue, including bones, blood vessels, and skin. *
Vitamin D

Benefit: Supports tooth and bone health through its role in calcium absorption, and associated with mood and cognitive function. *

Vitamin E
Benefit: Yields antioxidant benefits that protect cells and supports overall health. *
Vitamin K
Benefit: Promotes healthy skin and is an essential nutrient for bone and cardiovascular health and crucial for blood clotting. *

Benefit: Supports the heart, muscle and nerve function and builds and maintains strong bones. *

Benefit: Helps build healthy blood cells and is important for mood and energy. *

Benefit: Promotes calmness, crucial in the activation of enzymes and cell proteins that maintain cardiovascular tissue, bone, brain and muscle health. *

Omega-3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids
Benefit: These healthy fats support cardiovascular and brain health, proper growth and development, as well as maintain healthy joints and enhance mood. *

Benefit: Essential for energy production and maintenance, assimilation of nutrients and metabolism, balancing the body’s pH levels and aids digestion. *


Benefit: An electrolyte that regulates water balance and blood pressure, supports the nervous system, enhances muscle strength and controls the electrical activity of heart and other muscles. *


Benefit: The basic building blocks of life. *


Benefits: Supports digestive and immune and thyroid function, wound healing, blood clotting and aids the metabolism of energy and stress levels reduction. *


I have taken Moringa for a while now, but in the past have taken it in its powder form and have mixed it in with my smoothies. I don’t have the the means to make a smoothie every day, so these Moringa capsules make it easier and more convient way to take Moringa on a regular basis.

Angel Vielhauer

I have fibromyalgia which causes me to feel very tired and fatigued, stressed, have achy muscles, and pain in my joints as well. Sometimes I just feel I can hardly do anything. I have been taking this for about 10 days and I have noticed a difference in my energy and that my aches and pains are feeling better. I found a really short, but informative, article about Moringa I wanted to share called: 10 Powerful Benefits Of Drinking Moringa Every Day. Below is a summary of the benefits.

1. It fights free radicals, 2. It’s nutrient-packed, 3. It fights inflammation, (fibromyalgia cause inflammation, I am sure this is why I feel better taking this) 4. It helps reduce some diabetes symptoms, 5. It protects the cardiovascular system, 6. It supports brain health, 7. It protects the liver, 8. It contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, 9. It enhances wound healing, 10. How to Use It

Linda Scott

Just started these yesterday. Wow, really like them. Energizing for the long days I work. Going to read up more benefits as well. REALLY glad I tried them.


I came across this product and oh my goodness I could not be happier. Since starting Moringa, I am able to pump 5-7 oz extra a day on top of exclusively breastfeeding my little one all day! Which for me is a HUGE DEAL as I have always struggled with low supply. As a new mom who is majorly sleep deprived, I have found that this product boosts my energy, without any funky ingredients, or causing me to crash like other products do. This isn’t called the miracle tree for nothing…

Jessica Taylor

I noticed a nice clear- headedness that only at least 8 hours of sleep has afforded me before (which is a rarity for me). I noticed calm, steady energy that didn’t come with the normal jitteriness of caffeine. I noticed no late afternoon mood and/or energy crash or difficulty sleeping later on. I wondered why this product hasn’t gotten more press or, if it has, where have I been not to have heard of it before? As a busy mother, full time nurse, and wife, I need all the edge I can get. Listen up ladies and gentlemen, this product is worth a try.

Anita Rousseau

I wanted to try these Moringa pills because I have heard they’re good for energy, stamina, focus, weight loss, and other benefits… It does have he USDA Organic seal on it which I love.
I’ve been taking it for a few weeks now and I can say that I have noticed a change in my energy level. Usually by lunch time, I’m feeling spent between managing an apartment complex and having a five and four year old but lately I haven’t been feeling as sluggish.

My husband made notice that I haven’t been *quite* as scatterbrained. He’s just started taking it the other day too. However, I haven’t noticed any difference in weight change. Maybe with more consistency and time it’ll help. We’ll see.


I like that it’s green because all good and healthy things are green right…  Moringa has so many different purposes and does so much good in your body…
What I thought was interesting and different is that it says on the bottle that children can take 1 capsule per day now does that mean my 1 year old can take one of these? I think I should maybe start giving this to him because it seems to be super good for us.

I like that this pure moringa supplement has the USDA organic seal on it. So far I haven’t noticed anything different since taking these daily, but who knows it could be curing something in my body and I just know feel it or know it. I will continue to take these since they tout so many health benefits.


For me the focus and energy offered were my number one reason to want to try this supplement. I am happy to say since i have started taking these I did notice an increase in my energy and ability to focus mostly when I am at work.

I have been having much less of that 2:30 mentally done for the day feeling which is a huge plus in my book… I have just felt better overall. I am not as tired in the morning. I fall asleep easier. I stay on task better. I am not finding myself needing pep talks to finish my at home chores after working and putting a baby to sleep. So for me those are all huge benefits.

Jennifer Devlin

I am so glad I tried these capsules! There are so many benefits of the Tree of Life! While I have just started using these about 10 days ago, I have certainly noticed many improvements! I have psoriatic arthritis and suffer from many symptoms including pain, fatigue and sleepless nights. Since starting the Moringa Capsule, I have had a huge burst of energy! I was barely able to make it home after work without passing out.

I have two children, one is is very active in sports and a 3 year old and they need my time and attention. I have been playing and running and in general have been much happier! I also have noticed a slight decrease in my pain levels. I have it in my hands, feet, back and neck and the stiffness and pain everyday is so hard to deal with. Having a little bit of relief is great and I only expect that I will have more relief with continued use! Finally, I am sleeping so much better at night. Yes, I take a night time pill (over the counter) but with the addition of Moringa, I have had incredible improvement in my sleeping habits. My husband, kids and family have seen the improvment as well and that speaks for itself. I am excited to see what other benefits I will have with the Moringa Capsule! You should absolutely try this!!!

Stacey S

I have only known the name Moringa leaf in passing… until a recent conversation with my aunt in Canada. She informed me about the many, many benefits of taking the supplement as it is loaded with 10 to 25 times more more vitamins and minerals than most other supplements on the market. It seems she is the biggest fan of Moringa supplements and swears by it’s effectiveness with her iron intake for her anemia condition.

Lorens Crumbs

I’m a mother to a very energetic 2 year old. I need all the energy I can get. Since taking this product I have felt as if I have more energy, and I’m am able to focus easier. I recommended my friend try it and she told me it helps to boost her libido!

Amazon Customer