I bet most of you ladies would not believe me if I were to tell you that I am STILL breastfeeding! I was able to get fit, build muscle, eat clean, and workout strenuously-all without hurting a drop of my milk supply.

When it comes to postpartum workouts and dieting, many woman are concerned about their milk drying up. I am so excited to tell you that working out or eating clean will NOT hurt your breastfeeding in any way. This is a huge myth that I am sooo sick of hearing about!

Here are the biggest things to remember when attempting weightloss (or muscle building) while breastfeeding:

-You must eat enough calories. To find out how much you need, use my nutrition calculators! Then add about 500 calories to that number, if you are exclusively breastfeeding.
-You must stay hydrated. Here is a HUGE trick that has helped me drink more water. If you notice a dip in your milk supply after your workouts, that is your cue to drink more water!
-Pump or feed frequently.
-Eat more lactogenic foods. Such as the ones below and these here.Diary of a Fit Mommy: Best Foods for Nursing Mothers – Foods that Boost Milk Supply
-Herbs help, too. Such as these!

I frequently get asked the most popular question of whether or not females can take protein powders while breastfeeding. I personally do because the protein powder that I take is safe and all natural. You can find it in my faves list here.

Always, always, always ask your doctor when in doubt. Take him or her the label to read over. I would stay away from any protein powders with creatines, additives, and preservatives.

One important note to remember: Due to the fact that you ARE breastfeeding, your body might hang onto or store a little excess fat (thanks to the hormones that are still allowing you to produce milk.) This is why you hear many breastfeeding ladies complain about how they are having the worst time trying to “lose these last 10 lbs.”

You CAN overcome this, but it takes some time (sorry, won’t happen overnight!) You just have to keep moving and exercising, eating clean as you can, and not giving up if results don’t come as quickly as you would like for them to.

Source: http://fitmommydiaries.blogspot.com/2014/12/slimming-down-without-hurting-your-milk.html
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