When my wife threatened to leave me if I didn’t get rid of my man-gut, I was surprised by the range of emotions that I felt in that moment. I was defensive, embarrassed, kinda angry and really aggravated all rolled into one!

But I looked at her and instinctively knew that although she had said it half joking, she was serious – not about leaving me, but about me taking her seriously!

This wasn’t the time to bury my head in the sand, crack a man-gut joke and continue in my denial. Her words really got me thinking. As a kid, I was always skinny, and I didn’t like it! All too often some smart-ass would have a skinny joke or jibe that I’d be the butt of. No surprise then that I’d always wanted to gain weight, and I felt the same way throughout my teens.

I was very physical in my twenties, I pushed weights, boxed and yep I had a six pack; but no matter what I did, I never gained weight! I was still too damned skinny and I hated it!



Roll the clocks forward, I hit my thirties and I’m blessed beyond measure to marry the woman of dreams. I was happy, passionate, comfortable and content in a way that to be honest, I had only hoped was possible! My whole pace of life changed, and in less than a year I had gained over 21 lbs.

All of a sudden I’m putting on weight and it’s so liberating. Finally, I was able to have muscular mass the way I wanted to. It was like my coming of age!

The scales became my best friend, the more I gained weight the happier I was with myself!


GAINING WEIGHT – The Nightmare

It’s like I couldn’t even see my man-gut was sticking out a mile in front of me and that my face was looking like an over-inflated balloon! I’m told biologically the average man’s metabolism slows down at around 35, and we start to put on weight, but unlike with women this weight has a tendency to show up predominantly around the midsection; I was 33, so close enough!

Over the years I’d continued eating the things I’d always loved to eat, and having a sweet tooth, that was everything from cakes to chocolate to sweets! The difference now was that my gut was paying the price! At one point my man-gut was actually bigger than my wife’s, and she was 6 months pregnant!!!
On one holiday our niece actually looked at my man-gut and asked me concerned ‘Uncle are you sick?’

There were many other cutting comments over the years, mainly from friends but I’d laugh it off as if it didn’t bother me, excusing the man-gut as a sign of ‘good living’ and of my happy contentedness with married life. And after over a decade of walking around with this extra pouch in front of me, unconsciously I think I had resigned myself to the fact that it was just something I’d have to live with.

But as my wife’s words resonated within me I said to myself – it’s all good saying that I need to get rid of the big belly, but if it were that easy I’d have done it already! I’d virtually cut out eating sweets about five years before but apart from that I was doing what I had always done, the difference being I had changed, my body had changed, my day to day activities had changed, and things just weren’t working the same anymore. And to make matters worse, some of the products I was taking to support my weight training were actually swelling my belly even more!

I spoke to some of the trainers I knew and most suggested running, trouble is I actually hate – not dislike a little – but out and out HATE running! So let’s face it, I wasn’t about to add running to my daily regime. I needed another way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no slouch, I still do weight training 4-5 days a week, I don’t like leg day but I still get it done. My chest, back and arms were in great shape, but the belly was the one part of my body that I couldn’t get in check!


So began my quest to learn the physiology of the body, grab your FIVE TIPS FOR FAT LOSS to rwad more of  what I learnt. I was glad to learn I was already on the right track with a couple of things like getting enough sleep and building muscle, but adding in increasing my leg workouts to boost my testosterone levels made a huge impact and the other main thing I wasn’t doing was drinking water!
Simple I know, but when I really thought about it I’d regularly go for weeks without drinking even a single glass of pure water!

I decided I was starting a new habit, I bought myself a few nice glass bottles to encourage me and drank only water throughout the day and set out to drink 2 litres per day.
It was pretty awful at first, especially needing to pee every minute! It actually got me wondering ‘where do those fizzy drinks go when you drink them’, it’s like they go in but don’t come back out because I barely needed to pee before!
Anyway within a week or so I wasn’t even craving fizzy drinks or juice during the day, and I still looked forward to having a fresh juice in the evening.

Dramatically increasing the amount of water I drink everyday amazingly gave noticeable strength improvements too!

This may seem random I know, but I also started to increase my intake of healthy fats with Avocados and Coconut Oil. My wife noticed the shift in my midriff even before I did, and then I noticed how often she’d have her hand resting on my stomach as we sat or would hug me from behind around my waist.

So I’ve gone from 83kgs (185lbs) to about 72kgs (160lbs) and have a physique that I was pretty sure was out of my reach at 46! I look better, I look younger and feel fitter and I look in the mirror and say with a smile ‘not bad son’!
I’m wearing my close fitting t-shirts again that had been relegated to the bottom of an obscure drawer, plus I’ve got the added bonus of seeing that extra sparkle in my beautiful wife’s eyes when she looks at her man!

Am I proud of myself? Damn right I am!