6 Reasons Why You Should Get a ZYTO Biocommunication Scan

1. Insight into your health and wellness.

ZYTO reports provide you with information that may help you identify individual imbalances both physical and emotional. Identifying items to which you have an unusual response gives you and your wellness advisor insight about health-related conditions that may be keeping you from functioning at a balanced state.

2. Identify your biological coherence for nutrition.

Does one size fit all when it comes to wellness maintenance? Of course not!! ZYTO scans identify which products your body shows the most coherent response, we call it your unique biological coherence. Biocommunication results provide you with personalized information to help you identify the products and supplements that are most coherent for you.

3. Save Money.

Many people purchase nutritional supplements and then try them to see if they will work. Choosing supplements in this way is like purchasing lottery tickets and hoping you will win. ZYTO Biocommunication scans help you identify products for which your body shows a biological coherence. This information helps you purchase with confidence. Your ZYTO scan can help you make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Increase Energy.

Your body consumes its available resources in its effort to maintain a healthy balance. When your body uses those resources to deal with life’s extra challenges, like fighting a cold, you will have less energy to perform your day-to-day physical activities. ZYTO helps you identify the additional support your body may need to maintain that balance and keep your energy levels high. By providing your body that extra help when it is needed, you’re more likely to address issues while they are small, leaving you with more energy for your friends and family.

5. Track your Health.

ZYTO Biocommunication scans give you information ‘in the moment.’ But tracking your scans over time may indicate trends that you’ll want to pay particular attention to. Keeping track of your past can help you predict the future, and reviewing your past Biocommunication reports gives you essentially a look back through time. The more you know about how your body is impacted by factors like seasons of the year, stress, and aging, the more likely you are to make wise choices about your health and wellness.

6. Verbal Communication has limitations.

Have you ever asked a sick toddler or a child with autism how they are feeling? Even for adults, using words to explain how you feel can be a challenge. Biocommunication opens up an entirely new communication channel with your body. By supplementing our verbal communication with ZYTO Biocommunication, a second perspective is established that can provide helpful insights and information about your health.

Let ZYTO help you get more out of life!

What People Are Saying About the ZYTO BALANCE

The scan highlighted some areas in my body that needed attention. This is the time to address these issues and fulfill my health goals without the use of medication.

Carol Brotherson

My first scan highlighted some concerns I already had and brought to attention some things that could lead to ailments my parents are already suffering with. I feel I can start to take control of my health with preventative measures.

Selina Charmaine

I enjoyed the scanning technology, I was extremly suprised by how thorough the scan was for example within inflammation I had a high reading for grief in association with my gastrointestinal & immune system. Before using this scanning technology I wouldnt have known things like grief could effect my immune or gastrointestinal system!

Mica Walters

My 10 year daughter had been having prolonged headaches on and off for months, and obviously the last thing Is want to do is pump her with painkillers, and still not have any idea of what the cause is. The Zyto scan showed minerals vitamins and amino acids were lacking in her body, and that a lack of sleep was impacting on a number of her body systems, as well as pesticides and water contaminants. It is a horrible feeling watching your child in pain and not have a clue why, so it’s really empowering to have guidance about what is happening inside, so I can address it.

Joyce Nicole

It was a strange sensation, being scanned outside of a medical facility. The scan was quite indepth what it revealed especially the emotional wellbeing. The physical ones highlighted what I already knew, I need to take even better care of myself.

Diane Nelson

I really enjoyed finding out what was going on inside my body. I was very surprised at how much information the scan told about my body just through my hand.

The scan was very very helpful, it just makes you realise what you put in your body, things that you would normally drink or eat and wouldn’t think it could do you harm. The scan explained a lot, especially my sleeping habits which i knew was a big problem for me, its amazing how much lack of sleep can affect your body.

I found it extremely useful talking to you about the results as i would not of had a clue what different things meant if i had just got the report without going through it, so thank you for explaining the different sectors that i need to have more control of. I am so excited about implementing some of the things we have gone over and looking forward to seeing how this will change my body and health for the better.

One more thing i’d like to add, constant trips to the doctors for medication is more than likely to decrease as i actually found out why i was feeling a certain way opposed to being told what was wrong with me without knowing how to correct it .

i can’t wait to cleanse my insides and almost start again.